Eternal thanks to: Morena, Blanca, Ollie, Fred, Brian, Jose, Jira, Catrina, Paul, Seth, the Christian family in Belfast and in the UK, and the Linares Cubias family in the US, Canada and El Salvador! 

Respect and appreciation: Michael and Keiko Fogarty for their musical interaction, hospitality and fellowship. Michael thanks for the sliced radish and sprigs of parsley! 


Guitars & Vocals - Terry Christian 
Piano & Keyboards – Michael Fogarty 
Drums & Percussion – Mike Marrington 
Electric Bass - Coleman Bayliss 
Acoustic Bass  – Merlyn Kelly 
Harmony & Backing Vocals –Michael & Keiko Fogarty 

Recording Credits: 

Recorded by Michael Fogarty at ‘‘infiniti studio’ Chiba, Japan 
Electric Bass, Drum & Percussion - Basic Tracks Recorded at ‘Studio Penta’ Chiba, Japan - October 2015 
All other tracks recorded at ‘‘infiniti studio’ - October  2014 to June 2016 
Initial Mixes by Michael Fogarty and Terry Christian - January to June 2016 
Final Mixes and Pre-mastering - Michael Fogarty - July 2016 to January 2017 


1. Writing On The Wall 
2. God Give Me The Strength 
3. Thanks For The  Memory 
4. All That I Can Remember 
5. Sometimes 
6. Lights of Newtownards 
7. I Don't Want To Be A Fool 
8. The Road Less Travelled 
9. Castlereagh 
10. Pulling The Strings Of My Heart 

All songs written, arranged and produced by Terry Christian - All rights reserved – unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited © COOL HAND RECORDS, SONGS & MUSIC 014 - 2020.

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